Book Review: The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

This was a emotional and heartbreaking story based on the true story of Lale Sokolov a Jewish man who was taken in a cattle cart like many others in 1942 to Auschwitz-Birkenau. As the soul destroying sign above the entrance to Auschwitz goes “Arbeit Macht Frei” which mean “work makes you free”. Ha! Which if you think about it is a very sick joke… It was more like work or die or die because we feel like killing you because of your beliefs or sexual orientation … Gas chamber or rifle?

Lale was the “Tรคtowierer” which entailed tattooing the numbers on the left arms of all the new victims, that had the misfortune of stepping through those gates…

In his 3 years of being in Auschwitz-Birkenau he met a women when redoing her tattoo. Her name was Gita and in the mist of all the horrors that were going on around him, he still found joy in the world! He was determined to get out alive and make sure that Gita was with him!

Lale risked his life for a lot of things including smuggling jewels to pay outsiders for extra food, he saw things no human should ever see and helped his fellow prisoners!

The fact that this was based on a true story of a survoir made it even more terrifying, highlighting the true horrors of this part of human history!

I did think I would cry at some of the content but to be honest I was just shocked and lost for words at what this man saw…

I like the fact that at the end of the book Morris had pictures of Lale and Gita and there family after the horror was over! All the way through the book you were willing them to survive (you knew that Lale obviously did) but Gita it could of gone the other way! You really wanted the ending to be like a true fairy tail ending! Which when you read the end it is pretty damn close!

I have done a book review on the story teller by Jodi Picoult which was and had a pretty big rant about the Holocaust there so I will not do it again, I think I had said enough!

When I got to the end and was reading about what happened to some of the victims in the book I was shocked by one of the punishments that were given! A Jewish women did what she had to, to survive as she would have definitely been killed if she hadn’t! She received 15 years of hard labour in Siberia as they looked at it as Nazi conspirator. I did not agree with this, I can maybe see why they would think that, but maybe they should of put themselves in her shoes and maybe they would of done the same to survive. Not a lot of women could of done what she did and I for one thought it was extremely brave of her to do it! She also saved Lale’s life!

I don’t think enjoy is probably the right word considering the topic of the book but I did “enjoy” it! I definitely recommend that you read it! It truly is a love story forged by the need to survive! I don’t normally do soppy but in this case I’ll make an exception!

Lale and Gita passed on a far few years ago now but I do think this is a good book to remember them and the horror they went through!

One last thing I am going to leave you with is a quote that Lale’s mother use to say as I liked it “If you wake up in the morning, it is a good day”. Which I suppose in the case of holocaust victims was a good saying to go by because yes they would have had another day in hell….. But they had also survived to fight another day…

Thank you for reading!

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On a side note I have set myself a challenge on Goodreads to read 40 books this year! I would love to achieve it so expect many more book reviews to come!

The book I have already dived into is Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult.


Book Review: Still Me by Jojo Moyes

Finally got round to reading the third book in the Me Before You series, Still Me and once again I loved it!

I even think I enjoyed it more than the second one (first one will still be the best!), but this one made me laugh out loud, smile and even cry!! I have really loved reading about what is happening in Lou’s hectic life!

If you haven’t read it then I think you should and maybe not read this review so you don’t get any spoilers!

So this chapter in Lou’s life takes her to the big apple!!! She has a new job working for a rich family called the Gopnik’s, in a big fancy apartment, she is essentially a personal assistant to Agnes (the Mrs). Who considers her a friend!

As always Lou takes everything in her stride and always tries to make the best out of a awkward situation! As she is miles from home and her boyfriend Sam, so she has a lot on her mind with her new job role and keeping up with contact!

As always there is drama, she learns about a massive secret that Agnes is keeping from her husband and she cannot tell it, even if it means the worst for her, her and Sam have long distance problems and she meets a man named Josh would is the spitting image of Will… He maybe the spitting image but is he the same man…. I will not say more!!

I did have points in this book where all I thought was rich people are a massive bunch of snobs that need to get there perfectly made up faces out of their probably bleached arses! Yeah I get it you have money doesn’t mean you can look down at people thinking they are dirt on your shoe!! Sorry rant over!

The saying “money can’t buy happiness” is questioned in this story as Agnes has everything you could possibly want, a loving husband, more money than you can spend, a big fancy apartment in the middle of New York and literally has to do nothing…. But she is miserable, the reason being is, she no Mr Gopnik’s first wife, so his daughter and all the other rich women are pretty horrible to her because they think she is a gold digger and broke up a “happy marriage”…. There was a part of me that felt sorry for her and thought okay money doesn’t buy happiness and yes people are being mean…. But then on the other hand I thought she’s a spolit brat who needed to get over herself as she doesn’t want for anything!!! Lou tried to do everything right for her and it got thrown back in her face, so in the end I didn’t much care that Agnes disliked her life!

It is a bit of a debate to be honest as unfortunately the best things in life come with a price and even though you can be happy without being a millionaire you can’t deny having the money to spend it on something like a house would probably make you happier!! Food for thought!

Lou faces many challenges and makes some new friends, one very unlikely one and lives life like Will told her! “just live well.” Lou’s amazing bumblebee tights also made into the book! I am so tempted to have a pair!

The ending of this book made me immensely happy! I finished it with a smile on my face! It was a little like a fairy tale ending!

Jojo Moyes did it again! Loved it!

Thanks for reading!



PS if you fancy reading my other book review on the first two books they are in “books”. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ

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Book Review: The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

This book was recommended to me by a friend and it was a good one! She has good taste in books!!

I really enjoyed this book and it had a different twist to what I normally read, instead of it being a detective solving the case, it was an unlikely character!

Anna Fox is agoraphobic and hasn’t left her house in 10 months after a terrible trauma and watches other people’s lives through her window!

A new family of three moves in across the street, called the Russells and Anna is immediately drawn to them. They look like a normal family but one night Anna hears a scream and witnesses something she wished she hadn’t through the window! Or did she?

This is a book filled with twists and confusion! Anna likes to have a drink and either doesn’t take her medications or over does it, so when she reports what she sees to the police they don’t know if they can believe her story….

Finn really makes you think, there are even times you doubt Anna’s story, is it a story made up by a drunk agoraphobic wanting attention or is there truth in her story? You do however start to feel sorry for Anna and what to help her, as I cannot imagine what it would be like not to be able leave the house! Yes I know I am talking about a fictional character, but people do have this phobia and Finn did a good job at describing how it might feel. Having a phobia myself I know how hard it is to face your fear!

As the story unfolds it gets even more interesting and surprising! I really can’t say much as I’d give so much away!

The ending was a real page turner! It really did suck you in, so you could not put it down until you had read every last word!

It definitely is a story of deception, suspense and thrills! I’d highly recommend that you read! I’d rate it 10/10!

Thanks again for reading!

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Book Review: The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards.

I really need to get back into the swing of things for writing my book reviews as I read this week’s ago! Just again been a busy bee! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ You know being Christmas and doing night shifts!

Anyway to the book review! This is the second book by Edwards that I have read and once again I was not disappointed!

New single dad Ben thinks things are finally going his way after having a hard time of splitting up with his wife and moving back to his childhood village with his son Ollie. He is offered a new job, his son was no longer being bullied at school, even his awful neighbours “leave” (I say leave in averted commas because they don’t leave in the nicest of ways, but I’m not giving anything away! One thing I will say being a vet nurse I did not approve of what happened to the dog!! I shall “leave” it at that! Ha!) so to go with the title of the book, he was feeling very lucky indeed!

Little did Ben know this was someone’s elaborate plan to make Ben the happiest man alive!…….. Before death!

In the same village a women’s body is found, the odd thing about the body is she appears to be happy! She has a smile frozen on her face! Detective Evans has now come to the conclusion that they are dealing with a serial killer!

I know all serial killers are sick but this one loves to make their victims happy and makes them feel like they are the luckiest people on earth! As they think if they are happy in life they will die happy?! The killer ends their lives at the peak of happiness, killing them in the place they felt the most happy, like the women who was found, was found in the place she was told she was getting a new heart!

I mean I’d love to die happy…. at a ripe old age, who wouldn’t! But being murdered!? Hmmm yeah I somehow think the happiness they felt would just evaporate!! Poof! Gone! Dead…..

The killer chooses his victims with care and classes the ones who die happy as “the lucky ones” as unfortunately some have not been so lucky and did not died with a “smile” on their faces!

Like most books I’ve read there was a lot of twists and turns and when I found out who the serial killer was I REALLY wasn’t expecting that! I do love it when I guess who it is, but in this book Edwards gave nothing away, he steered you in different directions making you think it was definitely this person and then boom! You’re wrong!

Will detective Evans find out who the killer is before Ben has a not so happy ending!? How many more victims will there be and will all of them be…..

The Lucky ones?…….

Thanks for reading!

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PS you may get another book review today as I have read another book in the last couple of days and only just got to writing a review for that as well! As I said I need to get back into this as I have missed writing my reviews!

Book Review: In Her Shadow by Mark Edwards

Hello! Long time no see! I have neglected my blog a bit recently but I have been very busy at work and I am currently doing a certificate in feline nursing, which has been taking up a lot of my time, BUT the major problem I’ve had is extreme readers block!!!

I have being reading a book which would normally take me 2-3 days (like usual!) and it’s taken me weeks and then I go and forget to bring it to my parents house on my week off, in fact I forgot to bring any book! Thankfully my kindle app came to the rescue! I didn’t think I’ve ever use kindle as I love reading an actual book but I have asked for one for Christmas or birthday as I thought it was great and I found I was reading the book even quicker, but I will still buy books!

So my readers block has gone (I hope) thanks to reading In Her Shadow as it kept me gripped the entire time! It was brilliant, a real page turner!

Four years ago Jessica’s sister Isabel had fallen off a balcony at her house and died and it was ruled an accident.

Jessica had no doubts that her sisters death was an accident until her 4 year old daughter Olivia starting claiming Isabel was talking to her and saying she didn’t fall she was pushed.

Jessica’s mother also thought she was pushed after reading articles of the amount of spouses kill their other half.

So Jessica now has a dilemma, was her sister really pushed off the balcony, is her daughter really being visited by her dead sister and how the hell is she meant to process this information!

A lot of strange and disturbing occurances happen which lead Jessica more and more to believing Izzy was pushed.

The more Jessica investigated the more secrets about Izzy’s life came to light and it wasn’t the perfect life or marriage she made it out to be! Whose life truly is perfect! She did not just uncover secrets about Izzy but of all her loved ones! You did start to feel for Jessica! It was a real roller-coaster!

So was Izzy pushed? You’ll have to read it to find out!

I’d fully recommend this book! As I said it was very gripping, exciting and had many twists and turns and I stayed up reading it until I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open!

I will be having a good gander at other books by Mark Edwards! Love finding new authors!

Bye bye



Book Review: Flesh House by Stuart MacBride

Yes I know I’ve gone and read another book five minutes after the last one! I haven’t called my blog Bookworm Holly for nothing! Anyway! OMG what a read!!!!!

A container turns up at the Granite city of Aberdeen and it’s full of meat…. human meat!! Exciting!

Twenty years ago a serial killer named “The Flesher” was literally butchering people all over the UK and sending them off into the world for people to eat!!!!! It all came to an end when he was finally captured and thrown in prison!

ELEVEN YEARS LATER! He is freed on bail and let back into the world and low and behold the killing starts again…… and the people who put him in prison begin to disappear…

This was definitely one if my favourite MacBride books I have read! It was so exciting and terrifying and well yeah pretty disturbing, people being butchered to death and carved ready for Sunday roasts!

The book was full of lies and secrets and these got certain people into a lot of trouble and danger! No one was safe! Not even the police officers trying to catch The Flesher! People were dropping like flies! Will DS Logan and the team find this person to stop this horror!

This book also covered a prime example of Stockholm syndrome! One women who was captures by The Flesher saw her husband butchered in front of her eyes went crazy, started seeing and talking to her dead husband, while eating him…… the Flesher kept her alive because she like the food it cooked for her and because of this she was loyal until the very end! Even when being saved! Crazy lady!

Page turner from the very beginning! Highly recommend this book! 10/10!

One other thing I’m going to mention as it did make me laugh! DS Logan, DI Steel and a camera man named Alec (who was filming the case as it was such a big story) were having a “stake out” and got bored so starting talking about Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy. The reason it was funny was because they were talking about how they reproduced and discussed how it was possible that in Muppets Christmas Carol that they had two pig girls and tiny Tim was a frog?… and how they didn’t have a “freakish half-pig, half-frog hybrid child!”. Ah the joy of random conversation when bored! Probably have to read it yourself to get the full comic affect!

Anyway thanks for reading! Will probably be back again soon with another book review as I’m on a roll!

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Book Review: Broken Skin by Stuart MacBride

A serial rapist with a knife is on the loose and is leaving behind him a long line of women! The main suspect is the famous striker of the Aberdeen Football Club, but being rich and famous is giving him an advantage, he can pay for a slime ball of a lawyer and well because he is loved by his fans, he couldn’t possibly do this sort of thing! The police force are obsessed with him and want to nail him and get him behind bars! But is it him or are the police barking up the wrong tree!

One officer who has no doubt in her mind that is him is PC Watson! One good reason for this is she uses herself as bait and he comes up and attacks her, but low and behold he does not get convicted! His mummy and fiancee also swear by him! He couldn’t do this as he is such a good man and has a baby on the way! What can the police do to get him convicted if it is truly him!?

While this is all happening a man turns up at the hospital soaked in blood, unfortunately it is too late to save him and the postmortem comes back that he was killed by either a horrific murder with added torture or sex that went VERY wrong! DS Logan finds himself in the world of bondage, S&M and porn! The poor blooded soaked man turns out to be a porn star trying to make it into Hollywood and to get by is using his body for sex, which does not end well for him!

To top off the already big case load, a elderly man has been stabbed to death by an eight year old boy and beaten up with the help of the boys friends. Now you’d think an eight year old would be easy to catch, but apparently not! He stabs the first policewomen in the neck and beats Logan up with a wooden board and lands them both in hospital! When he is finally captured, Logan thinks something else is going on that the boy is not telling them! How did a once good boy who that didn’t get into trouble, all of a sudden turn into a thief, rebel and then full on murderer?

Just as things couldn’t get any harder for Logan as always he is thrown between two DIs. DI Steel and DI Insch! So not only is he trying to solve all these crimes, he is also in a “battle” between the two DIs who both want him to do their bidding, he literally needed to cut himself in two! He also can’t win if it isn’t Steel yelling at him it’s Insch! Logan in the end just sits there and nods! I think I would do the same! Keep them both happy!

So will Logan and his team nail the footballer or find out it isn’t him after all? Will he find out how the poor porn star met his tragic ending? And will he also find out if the eight year old boy has a secret to his murderous ways! READ IT! FIND OUT!

A very good book once again my MacBride! Next on the list his next in the series Flesh House! Sounds intriguing!

Anyway thanks again for reading!

Bye bye